Aire Super Duper Puma Raft w/o Thwarts

Super Duper Puma
Think you know what 14’ rafts are capable of? Think again! The AIRE Super Duper Puma is not your average 14’ raft. It acts like a sports car in the water. It’s narrow, it’s fast and it’s grippy. Interested in R2-R5 rafting? Look no further. Want to drop in a frame and row, it’s ready for that too!
What makes the AIRE Super Duper Puma Special?

  • Narrow Beam: Beam is the boating term for width. The AIRE Super Puma has a narrow 5’ 8” beam that contributes to its sporty feel. Being narrow, it will let you slip through tight spaces in technical rapids with ease.
  • Versatile Performance: The AIRE Super Puma is big enough to take on big water but small enough for extreme R2 rafting. It will hold its own through tough, technical, big water lines, we’ve even seen some experienced rafters drop waterfalls in this beast.
  • Continuous Curve Design: The AIRE Super Puma, like all Puma series rafts, incorporates continuous curve design, making it tough and durable while minimizing drag.
  • Fishing Friendly: Speaking of frames, drop a fishing frame into the Super Duper Puma and it turns into a great alternative to drift boats. Using a raft instead of a drift boat will allow you to relax a little, knowing that it will be more forgiving through rocky stretches. CHECK OUT THE OUTCAST FISHING FRAME, A PERFECT MATCH FOR YOUR NEW SUPER DUPER PUMA!

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