Maxima One Shot Spool


Maxima Ultragreen is virtually invisible to fish which means more strikes for you. This premium line has the unique ability to match the color of surrounding water. Rays of light are absorbed rather than reflected, presenting your lure or bit most naturally.

Maxima Chameleon is premium monofilament specially formulated to change color. By absorbing rather than reflecting light below the water's surface, Chameleon becomes invisible, thus presenting your lure or bait most naturally. Its superior abrasion resistance provides optimum protection from nicks and cuts while offering excellent knot strength.

Maxima HV is a proprietary blend of highly glossy nylon with micro energy pigments. Integrated chemical components are activated through rays of light, giving Maxima HV its vivid yellow color and making it strongly luminescent above water in any fresh or salt water environment. HV offers excellent abrasion resistance and superior knot strength.

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