Trout Hunter Dubbing For Dry Flies


TroutHunter Dry Fly Dubbing by Harrop features incredible workability over a wide range of fly sizes. This unique blend of natural and synthetic fibers is fine enough to respond superbly to the smallest Midge pattern, yet no comfort is lost when applying it to a big Brown Drake or Stonefly. The fibers are light, manageable, and there is no waste.

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Adams, Adams Grey, Black, Blue Wing Olive, Brown, Brown Olive, Brown Olive, BWO, CADDGRN, Caddis Green, CALLI, CALLIBAETIS, Callibeatis, COLOGRN, COLORADO GREEN DRAKE, DARK HONEY, Dark Olive, DARK TAN, DK HONEY, DK TAN, Grey olive, GRYOLV, HENDRICK, Hendricksen, HENDRICKSON, INFREQUE, INFREQUENS, Light Cahill, LIGHT HONEY, Light Olive, LT HONEY, LT OLIVE, LTCAHILL, Mahogany, Mahogany Dun, March Brown, Olive, Orange, Pale Olive, pale olv, PALE YEL, PALE YELLOW, PINK ALBERT, PMD, PNKALBRT, Red, RSTYSPIN, RUSTY SPINNER, Tan Yellow, TANYELL, TRICO, White, Yellow


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