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Fishing Report

Salmon River Fishing Report 11/11-11/16

9R98SF4copper_lgSalmon River

Steelhead fishing has continued to be good on the upper Salmon River this past week, with catch rates in all areas at or lower than 16 hrs per fish. According to Fish and Game, the best catch rates were from the Pahismeroi River to the Lemhi River.  Steelhead are moving into the Salmon/North Fork area steadily. Swinging larger flies with sink tips using the Chrome Candy , Little Eddy or other dark steelhead streamers has been the most popular, or you can try nymphing  stoneflies, Prince Nymphs, Tungsten Nemec Stone Nymph, or a Boss in some of the deeper slower holes to find a steelhead.  Water conditions are remaining about the same. Just a little cooler than  last week with 40 degrees being average and the water clear. Daily temperatures will be above freezing for the next weekend with the forecast to be in the low 40’s during the day.

Fish the bottom of the riffles and deeper holes just below the riffles for trout. The fish aren’t leader shy so you should be able to fish a 4x or 5x tippet. Productive patterns are stonefly nymphs, Prince Nymphs, Copper Johns and Bead Head Hares Ears. If you can’t pick up a fish in one hole, move on to the next. Streamer fishing has slowed down, but it’s still possible on the right day.

Big Lost River

Flows are around 50cfs, so fishing is going to be tough with spooky fish. Baetis patterns in sizes 20-22. Bead Head Pheasant Tails, Prince Nymphs 14-18, Copper Johns 18-20, Zebra Midges and Brassies in sizes 18-22. Long leaders and light tippet are required this time of year. drifted through the slow water might just entice one of those big Big Lost trout.