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Fishing Report

Salmon River Fishing Report 11/17 – 11/23


Salmon River

Steelhead fishing has continued to be good on the upper Salmon River this past week, with catch rates in all areas at or lower than 16 hrs per fish. According to Fish and Game, location code 14 had the most fisherman and catch rates were 8 hrs per fish caught. It’s pretty hard to beat that. Above the Middle Fork in section 15, the avgerage  was 13 hours per steelhead caught. Upstream above North Fork in section 16 average was 8 hours and section 17 averaged 15 hours. As far as fishing goes this week, it depends who you talk to. Seems the fly fishing has slowed due to the water getting colder. If your going to catch a fish you are going to have to nymph the holes where the fish are holding up. Suggested flies would be the Tungsten Nemec Stone NymphBoss, or a Lead Eye Rabbit Strip Leech dead drifted.

If your fishing with casting or spinning gear, drift fishing with black or purple flies and jigs has been effective. Blue, copper and green spoons and spinners have also caught a few fish.

Trout fishing was good this weekend fishing with streamers.

Big Lost River

Flows are around 60cfs, so you will find the water very low and clear. Look for fish holding in the deeper pockets or shallow waters along the edge. It’s going to be sight fishing to spooky fish. Try Brassies, Zebra Midges, or a Copper John in sizes 18 and smaller for these wary fish.