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Fishing Report

Salmon River Fishing Report

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River was slow this weekend due to higher flows and muddy river conditions. As of this morning the river has cleared and dropped significantly with at least 3 ft of visibility. Fishing should pick up as long as the clarity of the river does not change much. The flows at Clayton are 662 cf, and Salmon 1570 cf.  There is still a 6ft to 7Ft ice shelf at Penal Gulch so about the only way to access that part of the river is Challis Hot Springs. The Hot Springs charges $5 a day for use of the ramp and free if you are camping there. The main bridge boat ramp at Challis will not be accessible this spring due to ice jams causing a channel to cut through and down the boat ramp road and over through the parking lot area. Watts still had a little ice and snow but is usable and melting daily. From Watts Bridge down river the ramps are clear. Nymphs and big streamers have been working for flies when the water is clear enough. Otherwise Spoons, roe and shrimp are the most productive for regular fishing. This photo is just above the big bend below the Challis Bridge boat ramp. You can see the bottom this morning.