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Fishing Report

Salmon River Fishing Report

westfkyank20160924_164503Steelelhead fishing  on the Salmon River has been a little slower than last week. Let’s just blame it on the weather for now. Fishing was a little slow for this time of year this past few days, but that’s fishing – it can be that way and that’s especially true when steelhead fishing . Do not despair! There will be more fish showing up. They are just a little slower this year getting here. They are also going to be fewer fish, but plenty to fish for. Depending on sections , catch rates right now are 35hrs per fish below Middlefork,up to 20 hrs below the Lemhi.

Still think smaller flies for now and light weight spoons (no more the 1/2 once. Maybe in blues , greens and copper. With flies I perfer darker ones this time of year- blue/black, purple,greens, with some copper or silver flash to them.

Trout fishing has been good on the upper Salmon river and not many people are fishing. Most are out hunting, so may take advantage and not be crowded. October caddis,stonefles and streamers are working. Standard Panther Martins, Mepps and Roostertails will work, but also fish these in mored subdued colors in brass, copper, yellow or black.