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Fishing Report

Salmon River Fishing Report 9/21- 9/27

It’s been awhile, and I apologize for not reporting more often about the fishing happening around here in the Challis, Idaho area. We are going to change that. So start looking for new fishing reports covering the Salmon River country and the Challis area every Monday. All in all it’s been a really great year for fishing in the Challis area. Summer’s warmer temperatures and low water did not seem to effect the fishing much.  Fishing was good, mostly above the Bayhorse bridge, but nice fish were being caught in the Cottonwood area on big streamers.The river has cooled down with fall in the air,and the fishing has been good. Access to a few of the high lakes was closed due to the Eleven Mile fire, but now the roads have been re-opened, and you can now get to the Bayhorse Lakes and Mosquito Flats Resv.

Salmon River fishing, Central Idaho fishing

Salmon River

Fishing has been good on the Salmon River. The October Caddis are coming out this time of year, and I prefer using an orange Stimulator in a size 12 or 14. Sometimes going bigger to a size 10 just to get some attention. Nymph fishing try a Caddis Pupa in a size 12, stonefly nymphs in various colors, though golden stones have been working best for me. Also try fishing Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, Hares Ear, and other beadhead flies. Fishing the riffles has been been productive, but the runs just below them where the larger boulders are tend to hold the larger fish. Streamer fishing has been very good, with sculpin patterns like Schultzy’s S3 Sculpin, G’s Catchem All, and woolhead patters are working. Ian’s Epoxy Minnow, Olive Matukas, and Clousers are also a good bet.


Pahsimeroi River

The sportsman’s access at the lower end has been fishing good. Baetis patterns, cripples and various attractor patterns like Wullfs, Renegades, and  Humpys along with Beadhead Princes,and Copper Johns.

Bayhorse Lake, fishing Bayhorse Lake, Central Idaho fishing

Bayhorse Lakes

Woolybuggers, Leeches, and soft hackles. It’s getting cold there in the night so there is not much topwater action though Wulff patters and Renegades can work at times.

Mosquito Flat Resevior, Challis Idaho fishing, Central Idaho fishing

Mosquito Flats

Woolybuggers in black or brown, mostly in sizes 8,10 and 12. Griffiths Gnats in size 18 and 20 and Renegades 14-18.

Jimmy Smith Lake

Fishing is hot right now, with some good size fish being caught. Try Wooly Buggers and leeches in black and brown.

Big Lost River(tailwater)

Cooler weather is bring out the Baetis. Try fishing Duns, emergers, and cripples. You might also try a size 18 or 20 Renegade if you have a pod of picky fish to cast to. It seems to work sometimes. Your nymph selection should include an assortment of Bd Prince  Nymphs(14-18), Copper Johns(14-20) Zebra Midge(18-22). Also try casting a standard pheasant tail  in a size 20 or 22 along the banks. Soft hackles also work this time of year.

Copper Basin, Central Idaho fishing

Upper Big Lost River(Copper Basin)

Red Quills, Humpys, and Royal Trudes in 14-16. Prince Nymphs, Zebra Midges and Pheasant Tails for nymphs.

Williams lake

Try Bead Woolybuggers in black or brown in assorted sizes along with Leech patterns.