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Fishing Report

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report

Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River around Challis has been tough this year but fish are being caught. If you are fishing the banks, don’t stay at one hole to long. If you haven’t caught a fish in an hour, move to another run to better your chances. With the lower numbers of fish showing up, you just can’t wait for them to come to you. The river is maintaining it clarity even with the light rain last night.. Stanley still has lots of snow, so getting to the river can be challenging in some places. The hatchery is Stanley has approximately 60 fish as of the other day, and the hatchery at Ellis has over 400. More fish are beinging caught below Challis and towards Salmon, than above, but that’s where the majority of fisherman are.

Flyfisherman have been using Popsicles, Chrome Candys,and larger Spey patterns along with egg patterns, Bunny Bugs , and traditional patterns like the Green Butt Skunk, and Purple Perils, and Stonefly Nymphs.

If you are going to fish with conventional gear- green, blue, copper and brass spoon have done well along with the Mepps Flying C’s. Rubber worms and drifting egg patterns are also producing.

There should be fish around for the next couple of weeks, but latter on water conditions could change. We will keep you posted.  Flows are pretty low here right now with the Yankee fork gauge reading 521 and 1190 in Salmon.