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Fishing Report

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report

This past week , most of the steelhead fishing has been on the upper river near the Pahsimeroi River. Fishing has been pretty tough, with catch rates averaging 24hrs per fish in location 17, 42hrs per fish in 18(hardly anyone is fishing there though) and 6hrs per fish in 19. In section 19 which is upstream of the East Fork fisherman are mostly sight fishing and there are lots of people right at the Yankee Fork confluence(I counted 20 vehicles Friday morning at 11:30am). The water is projected to rise today with flood watches out until Tuesday night. Currently the river has only risen about 6″ and water clarity is fair to good. Below freezing temperatures are projected in a few days so flows should lower some. There are still fish around, so for you hard core anglers, there are still fish to be caught. With water clarity changing , I would suggest a variety of flies around from heavy weighted nymphs to Hobo Speys, light and dark.  If your fishing with spoons, mostly copper,blue or green, and spinners with blue, green or chartreuse colors.