the bent rod

Fishing Report

The Salmon River has dropped at the Clayton gauge from 2000 cfs on the 23rd to 1400 cfs today(28th), the water has cleared and steelhead are being caught. The stars have all aligned and it’s time to go fishin’! Fishing improved throughout the weekend with fish being caught upstream and downstream of Challis. The water has cleared all of the way down to below Salmon so you have a long stretch of river available to fish. Right now, patterns for flies pretty much run the gambit from black and purple and blue to bright egg patterns and everything in between. Skunks, rabbit leeches, stonefly nymphs,and intruder style of flies should work if you can get the fly in front of the fish. Try to keep it slooooow to entice the fish. The water temp is running on the cool cool side around Challis-low 40’s.

Drift and spin fisherman should  try copper, gold, blues and greens for spoons and spinners,roe and shrimp for bait.

Photos are below the Challis Bridge today