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As seasons change, so does your outdoor gear. When the weather starts to cool off, it’s important to have protective gear that will keep you dry and warm. Likewise, when it’s hot, breathable gear that also keeps out rocks and dirt is just as important. At The Bent Rod Outdoors, we offer a great selection of trail running and hiking gaiters from Outdoor Research and Dirty Girl Gaiters.

Gaiters are a type of protective clothing that is worn below the knee, covering the ankles. They are especially useful when hiking, walking, or running in terrain that is dense, or even through snow. Gaiters strap on over hiking boots and wrap around the leg to protect your legs from harmful things such as branches and thorns, while also keeping elements such as water and mud out of your boots. They have also been known to provide a barrier from things like snake bites.

For your next hiking trip, make sure that you have quality gaiters to give you the protection you need from common elements. Come shop our selection at our Challis location, or feel free to purchase online! If you have any questions, we are happy to help you choose the gaiters that are best suited for you.