the bent rod

Fishing Report



Fishing on the Salmon River has slowed down for most fisherman. There are still lots of fish around but the bite has definitely slowed down . The water is green with a slight dirty color to it presently. Run off from this weekend caused to flows to to increase almost 450 cfs. Since last night the river has dropped 100cfs but the water has not cleared up much. Flows presently are 900cfs at the gauge above Clayton. Visibility is about 2-3ft depending where you are on the river.

Colors of flies and lures has been all over the board. With the water being a little off color, darker flies and lures have been best. Flies working are egg patterns , stonefly nymphs amd larger articulated flies.

We have had the lure fisherman using everything from white twistertails to copper, blue or green spoons. Gold corkies seemed to be working best for the drift fisherman, with shrimp or dark rabbit strip leaches following.

As far as the weekend goes, it’s anyone’s guess. Still some below freezing temperature in the nighttime up in the higher elevations. Temperatures are forecast to be in the mid 60’s to low 70’s by the weekend. We will just have to wait and see what happens, but I suspect the river will start rising pretty good.