Semperfli SemperFlash Mix


Core to the SemperFlash blends is a unique tinsel with colors that change horizontally on each single strand of tinsel. Look close at SemperFlash blends and you will see each single strand has multiple colors built into it.

When Semperfli manufactured these tinsels, they did market research and found that most tinsels were tied in half, meaning lots of the tinsel in the center was unusable with only half of each hank that could be used for larger predator flies. With SemperFlash blends you get 10” / 25cm long hanks tied at the top rather than at the center so you can produce really long wings on flies for saltwater or large predators.

There are 300 strands in each pack and with full useable length of 10 inches, these can be used to create flies from the smallest chironomid/buzzer to huge Tarpon or Muskie flies.

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Colorado Mix, Rio Grande, San Juan Mix


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