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Fishing Report

Salmon River Fishing Report



Steelhead Fishing on the Salmon River has improved over the last week. Fishing below the North Fork will be the most productive section of the river with most of the anglers concentrated there also. Downstream of the Middle Fork fishing was 31 hrs per steelhead caught. Upstream in section 15 the avg was 31hrs per fish. There has not been very many fisherman above, so there have not been any reports of fish being caught in section 16 and 17. River levels are low so stick to smaller flies and floating lines. Lure fisherman should stick to 1/2oz lures and smaller. The water temps have been in the low 50’s.

Trout fishing has been good on the upper Salmon . The October Caddis has been out and fishing with a size 10 or 12 Stimulator has been working.