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Fishing Report

Salmon River Steelhead Fishing Report

Fishing has improved on the Salmon River for Steelhead this past week. Section 15 had the best catch rates but also the most anglers. Fishing catch rates were less as anglers moved upstream. There are more fish moving upstream, and catch rates should be improving. The river upstream of Challis still has ice jams in places . River temperatures are increasing gradually with warmer water in the mid to higher 30’s as you get closer to Salmon. The river has had some off color in places due to ice breaking off the edges but is still very fishable. Boat ramps are usable above Redrock ramp north of Salmon up to Deer Gulch. Bunny Leeches Hoh Bo Speys and nymphing are producing fish. Egg patterns have picked up a few fish also. Conventional fishing with spoons and bait have picked up some fish, but spoons seem to be performing a little better. Might try drifting a corkie and yarn with some scent also.

Still keeping a close ear out for the approval to keep fishing going after the 15th. Being cautiously optimistic. Stay tuned.