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Fishing Report

The river is clearing up

Salmon River Steelhead

Water levels came up over the weekend and the clarity went down, however, it’s starting to shape back up. Temperatures here in Challis of around 20 degrees last night are helping to bring the water down and clear it up. Forecast temperatures should remain low at night, so we anticipate the water to continue to drop and clear. We are getting daily reports of fish being caught, with most of the reports coming from downstream around the Ellis area. One angler reported catching ten fish yesterday, and another angler this morning said he was having good success. These anglers were both using cured roe. Reports from upriver have been good as well, with anglers reporting slightly better clarity but lots of crowds.

Fly fishermen are starting to show up and report good success nymphing Glo Bugs, Psycho Spawn, or Hot Butt Stones. During higher water situations, running a Lead Eye Leech with a Meg A Egg tied to the hook shank is very effective.

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