Troutbeads Steelhead Select Kit


The Steelhead Selection includes an assortment of Mottled Beads that is perfect for anglers from the West Coast to the Great Lakes and more.
This selection comes in two 2.5 x 4 x 1 inch 6 compartment BeadBoxes with a great selection of MottleBeads for all your fishing needs.
Piece count: Each compartment contains 5-10mm, 15-8mm and 10-6mm beads.

The Steelhead Selection includes the following colors:

Top row: Mottled Orange Clear, Mottled Oregon Cheese, Mottled Shrimp, Mottled Hot Cherry
Second row: Mottled Gold Roe, Mottled Tangerine, Mottled Chartreuse, Mottled Glow Roe
Third Row: Mottled Cerise Egg, Mottled Cream, Mottled Ruby Roe, Mottled Natural Roe

Made in the USA


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